A Guide to Determining Whether a Jeep Lift Kit is Right for You

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I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a lifted Jeep drive by me, I can only think one thing: damn!

There’s nothing like a lifted Jeep. The giant tires and lifted cab provide an unmatched look that can’t be replicated on any other vehicle. Meanwhile, these vehicles look like they can overcome any obstacles (which they can).

Of course, after doing some research, it’s clear that a lift kit isn’t for every Jeep owner. There are certainly some things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing and installing a lift kit. Fortunately, we’ve compiled an easy check list to help you see whether a lift kit is the proper choice for you and your Jeep. If you answer yes to many of the questions, then we suggest you start seeking some lifted Jeeps for sale as soon as possible…

Question 1: Do You Like Off-Roading?

Seemingly, every Jeep owner wants to test these vehicles and see what they’re really made of. One of the best ways to truly appreciate the Jeep’s capabilities is by taking it off the beaten path. Of course, despite the fact that the brand may be known for its off-roading prowess, there are still some obstacles that a Jeep will be incapable of overcoming. This is when lift kits come into play.

If you’ve ever driven a vehicle through the woods, you’ll immediately notice that the paths will be especially uneven. Random drops should be expected, but you shouldn’t assume that your Jeep will be able to get you out of every predicament. For instance, you may find that you’re unable to travel up a steep incline.

A lifted Jeep will allow your new giant tires to reach the incline before the front-end of the vehicle, providing the necessary traction and control to start climbing. A lifted Jeep also provides a better “break-over angle.” On a regular Jeep, the front-end and front wheels may make it up an incline, but the center mass of the vehicle prevents the back wheels from climbing. A lifted Jeep will completely eliminate this concern.

Jeeps are generally tall, and the brand does a good job of equipping its vehicles with tough, rugged tires. Still, there are some off-roading obstacles that even a Jeep can’t conquer. With the improved ground clearance provided by a lifted Jeep, the driver should find that it’s much easier to drive over these normal restrictions. While you may have traditionally avoided any giant logs or rocks, you might have an increased ability to continue driving with a lift kit.

Answered Yes? You’ll certainly appreciate the added incentives of installing a lift kit to your Jeep.

Answered No? A lift kit may be unnecessary, as the benefits truly come via the vehicle’s off-roading abilities. However, there are still several advantages to driving a lifted Jeep, which you can find below.

Question 2: Is Your Jeep a Daily Commuter?

Jeeps are some of the most versatile vehicles on the market, so it’s not much of a surprise that owners can also rely on these SUVs to get them to and from work.

However, a lifted Jeep changes things a bit. A lift kit will drastically impact how your Jeep operates. While these occurrences are tolerable while off-roading, they’re less than desirable when commuting to work. For instance, a lift kit can cause sudden driveline vibrations, decreased steering ability, and less-precise handling.

Now, we’re not saying that a lifted Jeep is completely incapable of traveling on the highway. Generally, drivers won’t notice many issues with their modified rides, especially if the lift kit was installed properly. However, these issues will occasionally pop up, and they’d probably become especially noticeable if you’re driving the Jeep 50-plus miles every day.

Answered Yes? You might be better off leaving your Jeep as is. Alternatively, you could pursue another vehicle to serve as your daily commuter.

Answered No? You got the right idea!

Question 3: Do You Want to Be the Most Intimidating Car on the Road?

Trust us: if you’re driving in a lifted Jeep, no one is going to mess with you. If you’re seeking an intimidation factor when it comes to your new vehicle, a lifted Jeep will undoubtedly do the trick. To clarify, we’re not saying that you should act like a jerk in your giant ride. However, we wouldn’t expect fellow drivers to start tailgating you when you’re taking your time.

There are plenty of additional non-off-roading advantages when it comes to lifting your Jeep, and they’re a bit more practical than the example above. The corresponding tires will provide the driver with better traction, and this could be especially helpful during those icy winter months. Furthermore, Jeeps generally provide their drivers with the best vantage points in the industry. However, you can’t blame owners for preferring an even more advantageous view of the road, and a lifted Jeep will certainly provide that.

Answered Yes? A lift kit is right up your alley.

Answered No? News flash! If you’re driving in a Jeep, there’s a good chance that you’re already traveling in one of the most intimidating vehicles on the road.

Question 4: Are You Willing to Put in the Effort Prior to Purchasing a Lift Kit?

Last (but perhaps most importantly), drivers will want to do their due diligence before diving into such a drastic modification. While you hopefully have a grasp of the effects a lift kit will have on your Jeep, there are still some specific details that you’ll want to investigate.

It’s essential that you research lift kits that are applicable to your specific Jeep model. Attempting to install a lift kit that isn’t compatible with your specific Jeep could lead to some devastating mechanical issues.

While researching these various lift kits, you should also get a better understanding of the proper lift prices (and the corresponding installation prices). We understand the desire to save every possible penny, and you’re definitely encouraged to shop around for the best price. However, you don’t want to compromise quality when it comes to both the kits and the installation. While a more-affordable lift kit may seem ideal, there’s a good chance that it’s drastically inferior to its counterparts. Similarly, a less-expensive mechanic may seem like the way to go, but it’s best to get these kits installed by someone who specializes in these types of modifications.

Answered Yes? Then get on that Google machine and start checking out the best lifts for your Jeep!

Answered No? Don’t be a jabroni. If you answered yes to the questions 1 and 3, it’s worth the time to investigate whether you could afford a Jeep lift kit.

Easy right? As you can see, lifted Jeeps certainly aren’t for everybody. However, most Jeep owners could probably justify the modification, and there’s no denying that a lift kit will provide some advantages that a normal Jeep does not.

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