How to Check Car Oil

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Making sure that you have the correct amount of oil in your car, truck, or SUV will help to keep your vehicle running safely on Brattleboro-area roads. Motor oil protects the engine’s internal moving parts, helps to reduce heat and friction, and extends the life of your car. The team at Keene Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram believes that every driver should know how to check the oil level in a car, so our service team has prepared the following step-by-step guide. Learn more about how to check car oil, and if you’re due for your next oil change, schedule an appointment with us today!



How to Check the Oil Level in Your Car

Some newer vehicles come with electronic oil monitors instead of traditional dipsticks, so you should check your owner’s manual to find out how your vehicle is equipped. If your car does have a dipstick, then follow these steps:

  1. Park the vehicle on level ground and make sure that the engine is turned off and has cooled.
  2. Open the vehicle’s hood and find the dipstick.
  3. Pull the dipstick out of the engine and wipe any oil from the end of it.
  4. Re-insert the dipstick all the way back into its tube, then pull it out and look at both sides to see where the level is.
  5. If the top of your oil streak is between two marks or within a cross-hatched area, the level is good. If it isn’t, you’ll need to add more oil.
  6. Remove the oil filler cap, and then add oil a little at a time until the dipstick indicates you’ve reached the proper level.

When adding oil to your car, be sure to buy the grade recommended in the owner’s manual. 

Why Check Your Car’s Oil Level?

Maintaining the right oil level is absolutely essential to your vehicle’s overall health and performance. Oil changes are typically recommended at least twice a year, depending on the model and how it’s driven. You should check the car oil level at least once a month in order to confirm that there are no leaks and your car has enough oil when you’re on the Swanzey roads. If you notice your car’s hood is hot to the touch or there is steam coming out from under the hood, your car could have an oil leak and the engine is overheating. Bring your vehicle to our Service Department as soon as possible, and let our certified technicians diagnose and address the issue. Neglecting to do so could lead to a breakdown and more costly repairs.

How to Reset Oil Change Light

Please note that you’ll only want to reset the oil change light if you have already changed your oil. Skipping an oil change can damage your car in the long run, so do not attempt to reset the oil change light if the oil hasn’t been changed. The process for resetting an oil light will differ slightly depending on the make and model of your vehicle, but the following steps should work for most cars.

How to Reset Oil Change Light: Step-by-Step:

  • Turn all systems of your car off, but leave the engine running.
  • Find the “reset” button or stick on the dashboard (typically found near the speedometer and fuel gauge).
  • Hold the button down until the oil change light begins to flash (sign of resetting may differ per vehicle).
  • Turn the ignition off, wait a few seconds, and then turn your car back on.
  • The oil light should now be reset.

If you have any questions regarding how to reset your oil change light, or if you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Service Department.

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