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When it comes to a custom Jeep Wrangler that’s used for off-roading, there are a few aftermarket parts that need to be installed. These parts not only help enhance the effectiveness of a Wrangler off the road, but they also make it safer. Without the proper equipment, it’s easy to bite off more than you can chew out on the trails and possibly get yourself into trouble. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is properly equipped for any serious off-roading you plan to do with the proper tires, a suspension lift, a winch, and lockers.

While there are more aftermarket parts that can be installed in a custom Jeep Wrangler, these four are essential elements for a fun and safe off-road experience.
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Proper Tires

You need the right type of tires for your Jeep, which doesn’t translate to just grabbing the biggest tires possible. There are different types of tires and each has a different form and function. However, they all share a similar goal: provide the Jeep with as much grip as possible. Without grip, you run the risk of getting stuck, harming yourself, or harming the Jeep. For example, you could be attempting to cross over a small body of water and end up bogged down in the mud. Or, maybe you are attempting to ascend a rocky face, but your tires can’t grip properly and you keep sliding back down to the bottom, putting the Jeep at risk of potentially rolling over.

Whatever off-roading scenario you can think of, there is most certainly a tire for it. Whether it’s a swamp tire, rock-crawling tire, mudding tire, or desert-running tire, it’s important to understand what your environment is going to be like, then equip your custom Wrangler with the appropriate set. Don’t just assume that a set of large aftermarket tires will take care of every type of off-roading scenario you encounter.

The size of the tire is also determined by your suspension. So, if you want to upgrade the tires on your Jeep, then the suspension might need to be upgraded first.


Suspension Lift

AEV Jeep Suspension Lifts

There are two types of lifts for Jeeps out there: a body lift and a suspension lift. The body lift is a cheap and quick way to jack up the body of the Jeep without altering the suspension. It’s also a good way to quickly add some tires, but if you are into serious off-roading, then a suspension lift is far more beneficial. It not only allows you to install larger tires, but also upgrades the important components of the suspension.

Sometimes, these lifts are also called short arm lifts and are a common add-on to a Jeep Wrangler because of their mid-level price and effectiveness. But, the lift is installed differently depending on which model year used Jeep Wrangler you are looking at. Before 1997, Wrangler’s used a YJ platform, which had a leaf spring suspension that rested on both the front and rear axles. Since the YJ Wrangler’s didn’t use control arms, the major component in a suspension lift-kit for a Wrangler were a larger pair of leaf springs. It was a simple, but effective answer to the call for increased ground clearance at the time.

After 1997, the Wrangler’s switched over to TJ and JK platforms and the suspension became a four wheel coil type suspension. The lift kits used on these models install taller coil springs to increase the distance between the frame and the axles. If a large lift is installed, just over four inches, new control arms and driveline modifications might be made to ensure it still performs smoothly on the road.

Whichever type of Wrangler you have, both types of lifts provide similar benefits, such as greater articulation (the flex in the suspension) and higher ground clearance, all propped up on larger tires, which are required for any Wranglers traveling in tough off-road conditions.


AEV Jeep Winch

It’s important not to overlook the winch. It’s one of the most universal and beneficial aftermarket parts you can install on a Wrangler. Many experienced off-roaders know that it’s just as necessary as the engine, and it’s one of those situations where it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

The benefits of a winch are almost too many to count, but it’s important to at least have a basic understanding of its function. In a nutshell, a winch is a way to attach a cable to something else and then pull that object towards the Jeep or the Jeep towards that object. If you or your friend gets stuck in the mud, typically the only way to free them or yourself is courtesy of a winch. You can pull them out with it or attach it to a tree and crank the Jeep out of the mud.

At some point in your off-roading adventures, a winch might be the difference between you making it home or spending a night in the woods until someone comes to grab you the next day.


AEV Jeep Lockers

Finally, lockers are another absolute necessity. Some newer JK Wrangler models come with factory lockers, but not all of them do. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you grab yourself an aftermarket pair if your Jeep isn’t currently equipped. While they might not be required for light-duty off-roading, it’s still not a bad idea to have them just in case.

Lockers are a mechanism that are installed as part of the axle and cause the corresponding wheels to mechanically lock together. Because they are mechanically locked together, they are forced to spin together. Even if you have a 4×4 model, the differentials in the axles quickly turn into 4×2 when you encounter tough traction, which can cause a tire to spin. When a tire is spinning, that means there is no traction. When there is no traction, there is a portion of power or torque lost to the wheels. If that happens, you are likely to get stuck and end up going no where.

And this is what lockers are designed to prevent. Since they are forced to spin together, it ensures that even when one wheel is spinning without traction, the other wheel will still kick-in and push the Jeep forward.

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Since custom Jeeps are our passion at Keene CDJR, we got what you need. While we sell other new and used Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram vehicles, like the new Wrangler EcoDiesel, we still like our custom Jeeps the best. What are our custom Jeeps? Glad you asked! They are the Jeeps we sell pre-modded and ready for whatever type of off-road adventure you wish to embark. Whether it’s intense rock-crawling or light-duty trail running, we can provide the advice and the vehicle tailored to your needs. That way, you don’t need to go through the hassle of trying to figure out what type of parts you need for your Jeep and then learn how to install them.

With our combination of expert advice from our stellar sales staff and our high-quality pre-modded Jeep inventory, you will get the proper Jeep you need for whatever it is you want to do on or off the beaten path.