Where To Get Your 4X4 Action On In New Hampshire

April 28th, 2016 by


If you’re one of the many proud owners of a lifted Jeep in Keene, New Hampshire, then you are likely going to look for somewhere rough-and-tumble enough to push your beautiful machine as far as it can go. For any dedicated Jeeper, that means conquering some intense off-road trails with all the rocky summits, muddy trailheads, and wilderness you can find – and few places offer more of this beautiful scenery than the Granite State.

But with a cursory look at what’s around the state to take your vehicle out to the fullest, you may find that New Hampshire doesn’t have quite the expansive, open trails you’d find out west – but never fear. With a few handy resources and the right motivation, you too can find an excellent off-road spot close to home, or if you don’t mind taking on a little driving there are plenty of great trails around New England where your Jeep can really shine.

The best way to find a good trail, obviously, is to ask an experienced mudder near you. Whether it’s the friendly staff at Keene DCJR, a fellow Jeeper you met out on the road somewhere else, or even just your neighbor with that dirty Rubicon sitting proudly in the driveway, there’s always a Jeep lover around and ready to help a fellow traveler. Ask around for some suggestions and favorite trails and you’re bound to find somewhere local where you can really let your 4×4 do what it does best.

For those looking to boldly go somewhere they’ve never gone before, we’d recommend checking out ExploringNH.com, an online forum of Granite Staters who’ve collectively assembled their years of knowledge into one useful online repository of great 4×4 trails around the state. Just register with the group and you’ll have access to their interactive online map of the state, filtered by county and town, to help find the trail that’s right for you. With a wide variety of difficulties listed and relatively up-to-the-minute updates as to trail closings and blockages, this group is one of the best resources for the New Hampshire Jeeper looking for somewhere to have some fun.

Of course, if you’re more inspired by the spirit of adventure rather than relying on suggestions from others, there are plenty of unlisted and unmanaged trails around the state that may or may not be open to off-roading. In New Hampshire, these roads are designated “Class VI,” meaning they have little to no management and may even be unscouted prior to your arrival. These can be tricky, as many are not open to the public or may not be suitable for 4×4 action; but with a quick call to the local forestry service you can check the status of the individual trail and see if you can head out. This is a great way to explore trails for yourself and even spread the knowledge to fellow Jeep lovers later on down the road.

While we may not have the famous Rubicon or Moab Trails passing through our back yard, New Hampshire is certainly no stranger when it comes to 4×4-friendly roads. With just a little know-how and the right tools, you too can get out there and make the most of your Jeep – all without leaving the comforts of home. Be sure to learn more about the Jeep Wrangler interior when you’re done seeing how you can outfit yours.

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