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The Jeep brand has been personifying adventure, exploration, and wanderlust since it first began producing vehicles in 1941. Jeep is often referred to as iconic, and for very good reason. Arguably the most American of all other American-made vehicles on the road today, Jeep doesn’t just build their vehicles here in the United States, they are a part of our nation’s history. Keeping in tune with the adventurous and explorative spirit of the Jeep brand, drivers have been finding ways to transform their favorite SUVs into further reflections of themselves. From spare wheel covers with kitschy sayings, to installing fully capable AEV Jeep lift kits – drivers are determined to make their iconic SUV as unique as they are.

Understanding the Jeep Culture

If you have spent any significant amount of time on the highway system here in the U.S., then you have likely seen a bumper sticker or two that reads: “It’s a Jeep Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand.” If you have never owned a Jeep brand vehicle before, then there is a good chance that this seemingly overused saying is accurate. If you are currently a Jeep owner, or have been in the past, then you know the true weight of the meaning that these seven words hold.

Jeep Culture is not an advertising slogan, or even a marketing campaign – it is the best and most succinct way to describe the community that Jeep drivers share with one another. It doesn’t matter if you are coworkers, friends, or have never even met –Jeep drivers make up a private and exclusive community that no other automotive brand has yet to achieve. When you purchase a Jeep brand vehicle, you are immediately ushered in with unrelenting acceptance and a sense of belonging.

Your Vehicle is a Reflection of YOU – Choose Wisely


Your vehicle is a direct reflection of your personality. Drivers choose a vehicle that represents the type of person they are, and the lifestyle they are currently living. A working professional who often finds himself driving clients from one place to another is unlikely to own a two-door pickup truck. Not only would this vehicle be a hindrance to his professional life, it does not seem to fit the persona of a suited professional. Likewise, a woman who spends her days driving on and off various job sites, is not going to go out and purchase a subcompact hatchback. While the car may get great gas mileage, it won’t serve her in any other area of her life.

When you head to a dealership to purchase a new car, it is crucial to understand your own lifestyle requirements, as well as your personality. If you end up driving home in a car that does not suit you, you will never truly be happy with your buying decision. Drivers who have yearned for the adventurous lifestyle that Jeep owners experience on a daily basis will not be content until they actually sit behind the wheel of their very own Jeep brand vehicle.

Customizing Your Jeep


Because the Jeep community is so closely knitted together, members often desire that their Jeep reflects their personality in a more unique way. There are dozens of avenues that Jeep owners are able to take in order to accomplish this, but the longest-lasting one is through a modification process. Jeep drivers who are especially interested in off-road excursions and exploration, can opt to have their Jeep professionally modified with an AEV lift kit.

Lifting your Jeep requires much more of a commitment to the Jeep way of life than an upside down bumper sticker or a catchy spare tire cover. An AEV lift kit requires professional installation, and more importantly – a thirst for continuing on, past where the pavement ends. Whether you are a Jeep driver who is just beginning to delve into the world of off-roading, or are a seasoned veteran always looking for ways to improve your skills, an AEV lift kit is an excellent way to explore your 4WD ambitions.

Much More than a Lifted Jeep

After some heavy soul searching, you have made the decision to purchase a Jeep vehicle. Whether you have already bought one, or are in the process of doing so, you need to consider how your vehicle can help further define you as a person.

Getting an AEV Jeep, or lifting your current Wrangler with an AEV lift kit, can be the perfect complement to your adventurous spirit. Lifted Jeeps are symbols of a “no holds barred” type of lifestyle, and if you fall into this category of thinking, then you need to start the process of modifying your Jeep brand vehicle.

How Keene CDJR Can Help

aev hemi rubicon jeep

Keene CDJR is located in Keene, NH, and we are your one and only stop when it comes to properly modifying your Jeep brand vehicle. We are an AEV certified dealer, which means when you come and have your Jeep lifted at Keene, you are only getting the best of the best. We help drivers of all skill levels and backgrounds understand the modification process, and make the dream of owning a lifted Jeep, a sudden reality.

Whether you are interested in a small lift with a few performance upgrades, or desire your Jeep to get the beast mode treatment, we are here to help. AEV offers plenty of options for lifting your Jeep Wrangler. We will work with you to find the perfect kit that fits your lifestyle demands, your off-road goals, and of course – your budget. Keene CDJR works with you throughout the entire modification process, which will typically take up to a month. From beginning the discussion, to taking your newly modded Jeep on our articulation course, we are with you every step of the way. No other dealership can promise the level of personalized commitment and attention to detail that Keene CDJR does, and we go one step further by lifting Jeeps with the highest quality AEV packages.

Don’t let your dream of owning a lifted Jeep Wrangler slip away for another year, let alone another second. Come down to Keene CDJR today, and discover how easy and affordable lifting your Jeep can be.

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