The Absolute Essential Jeep Wrangler Modifications

May 11th, 2016 by


The best Jeeps are unique.

At least, that’s what any happy Jeeper will tell you. While it’s undoubtedly true that every Jeep – from a formidable custom Jeep Wrangler to the family-friendly Grand Cherokee – is built on a solid foundation of off-road excellence and capable performance, what really sets these impressive vehicles apart from the pack are their ease of modification. It seems like everywhere you look there is a Jeep with a custom upgrade, some specialized feature, or simply a really cool paint job – and, typically, one happy driver in the cabin.

That’s why, when you’re ready to amp up your Jeep experience, there’s no better feeling than getting your Jeep some top-quality modifications. Mods can either vastly improve your Jeep’s ability to take on tough terrain – possibly even opening up whole new adventures for you and your beloved 4×4 – or can simply boost your Wrangler’s style in ways that stand out from the crowd with ease. Whichever your preference, here’s a look at some of the most essential Jeep mods for those looking to enter the wide world of upgrades.

Suspension Lift

Probably one of the most popular ways to boost your Jeeps’ ability, a suspension lift can give your off-roader a boost on the trail and maximize your ability to climb everything from a set of stairs to a long and winding rocky road. Best of all, you’ll be granted that high-off-the-ground feeling when on the road, meaning your Wrangler will have an even more impressive presence no matter where you find yourself.

Off-Road Tires

Just like you wouldn’t go running through the muck without the right shoes for the job, neither should you hit the toughest trails with only basic stock tires. If you plan on conquering the mud this off-road season, it’s best to outfit your Wrangler with some thick, heavy-duty off-road tires to make sure you can get out as easily as you got in.

Hood Scoop

If you plan on pushing your Wrangler to the absolute limit of its performance capabilities, it’s important to consider the engine – specifically, how much heat it might generate when the pedal is to the metal. That’s where a quality hood scoop can come in handy, bringing cool, fresh air into the engine block and allowing that powerful machine to do its job under optimal conditions – meaning more power at your disposal.


Because sometimes, you just need a winch. This helpful addition can mean the difference between pulling yourself out of some sticky situation or waiting for rescue from someone who has one. Plus, you’ll be beloved by all those who will call you for help when their vehicles can’t handle the terrain.

Rock Rails

If you have your sights set on doing some intense rock crawling in your Wrangler, it’s best to protect its most vital components from wear and tear. That’s where a solid set of rock rails can really come in handy, keeping your Jeep’s key pieces as safe as can be, and letting you conquer the land with total confidence and peace of mind.

Style Mods: Bead Locks, Light Bars, Decals

Of course, just as not all drivers want the same things for their Jeep, not all Jeep mods accomplish the same goals. For those drivers looking for a way to amp up their style, mods like light bars, bead locks, and paint decals can give your Wrangler that personal touch and add a bit of flavor to your driving experience.

Although all Jeeps start out under the same tough standards of reliability, capability, and drivability, it’s the aftermarket additions that really help make your Jeep distinctly yours. If you’re ready to make your Wrangler into something you can truly call your own, think about trying out some of these mods – you just may find yourself coming back for more.