2018 Jeep Renegade

The 2018 Jeep Renegade might be considered the “kid” of the Jeep family, but don’t let that fact undermine its energy, intensity, or power. This fun-sized truck offers a reliable ride on-road or off-road on a variety of terrains. Consider it your ticket to a playground of enjoyment every time you get behind the wheel.The Italian manufacturing of the 2018 Jeep Renegade isn’t immediately obvious, but you’ll spot it in the quirky “Easter Eggs” dotted throughout the exterior and interior. From the etched Jeep silhouette in the headlights to the nod to Detroit on the dashboard, everything about this beauty says “pure Jeep.” Whether you’re going to the nearest grocery store or heading straight to the White Mountain National Forest, you’ll be ready for anything. Picking up cargo? The Jeep 2018 Renegade offers space enough for Thanksgiving dinner — multiplied by no fewer than four!

If you’re looking for a five-passenger vehicle that starts in the low-$20,000s and offers rugged dependability, check out the 2018 Jeep Renegade in any of its model trims: Sport, Latitude, Altitude, Traillhawk, and Limited.

Starting At




175 ft-lb


31 MPG Highway

Fuel Economy

New Jeep Renegade Safety

Shield Icon


For ultimate protection of driver and passengers, Jeep has integrated a multitude of safety features into the 2018 Renegade models.

Expect front, side, and even driver knee-bolster airbags standard. To minimize risk while operating on rockier terrain, Jeep provides electronic stable control, roll mitigation, and anti-lock disc brakes.

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New Jeep Renegade Technology

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Looking for a smaller truck chock-filled with technological gadgetry and offerings? The Jeep Renegade delivers what you’d expect from an economy-sized vehicle that keeps you safely on the road without costing too many pennies.

As for techno-sound offerings, the Jeep’s attributes are music to anyone’s ears. You’ll appreciate the UConnect multimedia that allows you to play your tunes the modern way. In addition, the Latitudes, Trailhawks, Limited, and Altitudes also incorporate a USB port for device convenience. Also, in the Latitude, you can relish a touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and more.

You’ll get a rearview camera with any 2018 Jeep Renegade models, but if you want a bump up to air conditioning on the lowest priced Sport trim, you’ll have to pay a bit more for the luxury. Still, it could be worth a little extra given the northeast’s penchant for warm-to-hot summers except in the mountainous ranges.

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New Jeep Renegade Performance

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The 2018 Jeep Renegade Sports, Latitudes, and Altitudes offer a 1.4-liter turbo engine standard. Leaning more toward a Limited edition? You can have a 9-speed automatic transmission for a bit more money.

Thus far, car enthusiasts agree that although the 2018 Jeep’s engine is a bit on the talkative side, it’s not overly loud for the MSRP price point of around $20K. Planning to take it merely around town rather than over the hills and through the woods on a regular basis? You’ll find that it handles perfectly acceptable for your needs. You’ll find that the electric steering doesn’t get in the way of a darn good ride.

Additionally, you can expect hill start assist and trailer sway dampening on all 2018 Jeep Renegade levels, from the basic model to the option-heavy. This helps you navigate rocks, dirt, and the occasional New England pothole as you whiz toward your next destination, always knowing that you can easily turn in a 36? circle thanks to this pint-sized vehicle.

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New Jeep Renegade Exterior

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It’s tough to confuse a Jeep with any other type of truck. The first moment you lay eyes on the 2018 Jeep Renegade, you’ll immediately know why it gets high ratings for its aesthetic appeal. This is the calling card of any Jeep, whether you’re looking at a Wrangler or a Renegade. The company’s distinctive styling is as easy to spot as a Victorian mansion from a ranch-style house.

Constructed with a careful eye to all the little details, the 2018 Jeep Renegade offers a nifty see-through glass ceiling so you and passengers can enjoy moonglow or sunshine. Truly, this Jeep leans heavily on its heritage, right down to the “X” in the tail lights, a throwback to a bygone — but not forgotten — mid-20th-century era. Still, this isn’t just a pretty face in the crowd; the Jeep Renegade is itching to take you to new excitement. It’s fearlessly modeled to head straight into the future… and you get the benefit of telling it where to go during the journey.

You’ll immediately get the sense that this newest micro-Jeep model is prepared to stand tall among its bigger brethren. With stylings that draw the eye upward, it seems much higher than its actual size. Again, this is a tribute to the designers who so carefully created this vehicle to be a Jeep through-and-through. However, you’ll immediately realize that its tot-sized dimensions are a huge asset the first time you parallel park. Far from being a monster tiger, it’s a tame pussycat by comparison when you need to slide into a modest parking space.

Inside, expect the same level of consideration for driver and passengers as you get on the exterior of the Renegade. The only limits? Passengers in the back seat who are particularly tall may find the fit snug for their tastes. Three kids can enjoy a ride in this attractive truck, but only two adults will have a comfortable jaunt over hill and dale. However, this is a small concern among the other attributes of this latest Jeep offering.

Overall, the Jeep Renegade gets high marks for its design and cleverly added attributes. Would you expect anything less from the manufacturer that consistently grabs the attention — and takes the breath away — of Keene truck buyers during test drives?

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