What Parts of a Lifted Jeep Require Modification?

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So you’re looking to add a lift kit to your Jeep? That’s an excellent idea, as these modifications can transform your Jeep into the ultimate off-roading vehicle.

Of course, we wouldn’t blame you if you don’t understand what these drastic changes entail. By lifting your Jeep, you’ll be modifying several aspects of the vehicle’s mechanics and body. While we’d always suggest leaving these modifications to a professional, it can still be helpful to understand the specific changes that will take place.

We explore the modifications here so that when it’s time to look for lifted Jeeps for sale, you’ll have a better understanding of these specifications…


In short, the chassis of a Jeep is essentially the vehicle’s frame. Now, this isn’t to be confused with the exterior body of the vehicle, as the chassis is actually hiding beneath the surface. This part doesn’t only serve a purpose in maintaining a Jeep’s rugged stance, it also plays an essential role in keeping all of those mechanical aspects of the vehicle safe and secure. You may have previously heard mention of a “rolling” chassis, which serves much the same purpose. However, this rolling chassis also includes the “rolling gears,” like the engine, transmission, and suspension.

Predictably, the chassis needs to be altered if you’re looking to lift your Jeep. For starters, a modified chassis should improve your Jeep’s ground clearance, making it significantly easier to overcome any off-roading obstacles. While you may have previously had to avoid a random rock or tree trunk, the added ground clearance should allow you to travel over these natural restrictions with no issues.

That’s not the only benefit of a modified chassis. By altering this specific part of your Jeep, you’ll notice an overall improvement to your vehicle’s performance, especially when you’re traveling off-road. The revamped chassis will provide more articulation, better handling/traction, and improved control. Understandably, this new chassis also boosts the driving experience, as owners will notice a smoother ride from their modified Jeeps.


This is probably the most obvious inclusion on this list. If you’re looking to lift your Jeep, there’s little chance that the vehicle’s standard wheels are going to fit the vehicle’s revamped body. Since your vehicle is being modified to provide better ground clearance, you’re going to want wheels that adequately fit this uptick in height.

Besides the necessity of adding wheels that fit your revamped Jeep, these specific parts can also improve your vehicle’s performance, especially when you’re traveling off the beaten path. Thanks to the larger stature of the wheels and tires, your Jeep should be capable of traveling through any type of terrain, whether it be mud, sand, or grass. These new wheels will also be especially helpful in the winter, as the increased traction will make your lifted Jeep a reliable option in snowy or icy conditions.

When modifying your Jeep, you’ll also want to alter the vehicle’s driveline components, as this will further improve the ride’s off-roading capabilities. While the mechanics of a Jeep are meant to get you through any types of conditions, the standard driveline parts will still lack some capabilities when traveling through rough or uneven terrain. For instance, you’ll find a lack of control when half the tires are on, say, a dry surface and the other half are on a wet surface. By modifying the driveline components, the lifted Jeep will be able to keep on rolling, regardless of the conditions.

Engine Components

Jeep’s crop of engines are some of the most impressive units in the entire industry, never mind the SUV segment. The incredible horsepower and torque is intended to give your SUV that added necessary burst, assuring that the Jeep won’t stall or get stuck when traveling through unfamiliar terrains.

Still, despite all of this power, some owners may still be seeking that extra bit of force. While a normal Jeep’s engine may lack the power to overcome a steep incline, an alternative engine may provide the necessary boost to get you through that obstacle.

Of course, it’s important to remember that a new engine isn’t necessary when it comes to lifting your Jeep. The brand’s standard offerings should be just fine, and revamping the engine could actually lead to more issues down the road. However, if you find that your current Jeep’s motor doesn’t provide that extra burst that you’re seeking, you may want to consider an alternative option.

Drivers don’t necessarily have to replace their engines if they’re looking for some extra power. There are a number of parts that can help unlock your lifted Jeep’s horsepower and torque. For instance, a cold air intake valve will send that cooler fresh air through a directional cone filter directly to your engine and intake manifold. While warmer air will generally have the engine performing at its typical level, the cooler air will allow your engine to pump out that extra bit of force.


If you’re looking to lift your Jeep, you’re presumably influenced by your vehicle’s off-road performance. Well, if you have dished out all of that money to modify your SUV, you might as will spend a bit more to transform your ride into the ultimate off-roading vehicle.

Fortunately, there are a number of accessories that can improve the vehicle’s performance, maintain the exterior’s looks, and enhance the overall driving experience. For example, a new front skid plate will ensure that obstacles like rocks or branches won’t scrape or damage the bottom of your Jeep. If these mechanical aspects are injured, you’re likely looking at some costly repairs. Furthermore, an off-roading bumper or fender flares will preserve the integrity of your Jeep’s exterior and wheels. You should expect some body damage if you’re planning on constantly off-roading. However, if you install one of these applicable off-road accessories, you won’t be as worried about any scratches or dents.

Overall, it’s best to leave these major modifications to a professional. Unless you have experience modifying vehicles, it’d be in your best interest to leave these drastic changes to someone who specializes in this type of work.

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